BVLOS Innovation Centre (BVLOS InC)

BVLOS Innovation Centre (BVLOS InC) formalizes the long-standing relationship between the Foremost UAS Test Range and the technical, operational, and regulatory compliance expertise of UxS Consulting Limited. The partnership creates a cohesive set of capabilities to enable RPAS organizations achieve their BVLOS aspirations.

We are your trusted advisor. We do not compete with OEMs, manufacturers, or operators in the RPAS sector, rather, we apply our expertise and capabilities to help you succeed.


BVLOS InC plays a pivotal role in the transition from Visual Line of Sight operations (VLOS) to flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). The transition to BVLOS is no longer an aspiration but rather an imperative that allows organizations to take advantage of the significant opportunities of an RPAS sector economy – one driven by increased:

BVLOS InC’s tagline describes three foundational pillars that represent value for users in both the commercial and defence sectors.

Advancing Capability

Innovative Projects that resolve barriers to RPAS adoption

In addition to our ongoing projects that are developing capabilities for the betterment of the RPAS sector, we also maintain curated list of “hard problems” seeking funding support and execution.

Projects can be technical to resolve specific BVLOS challenges, or administrative to increases sector knowledge and capability.

Ensuring Safety

Standardized testing to facilitate operating approvals

Our services help RPAS organizations understand and meet the air and ground safety requirements for BVLOS.

Audited gaps in technical, operational and regulatory compliance across the RPAS organization are remedied and witnessed by a qualified third party.

Building Trust

Evidence-based advocacy to address stakeholders’ concerns

The realistic and consistent reporting on BVLOS capability helps to develop trust amongst all RPAS stakeholders.

From an agnostic viewpoint, our advocacy efforts raise key issues and promote discussion amongst RPAS sector experts.


The BVLOS InC  creates an ecosystem where a cohesive set of capabilities will advance the RPAS  industry.  Our team’s collective experience is well aligned with three mission pillars.

Advancing Capability with innovative projects

Ensuring Safety thru Regulatory Compliance

Building Trust with evidence-based advocacy


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Chris Brosinsky

Chief Strategy Officer

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Steve Donovan

Operations Manager

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Our Services

Our services are aligned with our threefold mandate: Advancing Capability, Ensuring Safety, Building Trust.

ADVANCING CAPABILITY - Conceive and execute innovative projects to resolve barriers to RPAS/BVLOS adoption

Based on our experience in RPAS technologies and a solid understanding of the evolving regulatory trends, BVLOS InC maintains a curated list of relevant projects and initiatives that would benefit the RPAS industry’s adoption and growth. We actively pursue this list by matching industry capabilities with potential funders.

Current Projects

Prairies Can logo

Government of Canada

Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan)

Supporting the RPAS sector through developmental projects that have increased the Foremost UAS Test Range capability to test and evaluate RPAS technologies.

Government of Alberta

The Province of Alberta, under the Community and Regional Economic Support (CARES), has provided resources to increase the Test Range capability and develop key auditing and flight test protocols.

Arcfield Canada

Arcfield Canada (formerly Peraton Canada), under project SkySensus, has funded three Western Canadian RPAS organizations to advance RPAS specific airworthiness (BVLOS InC), Detect and Avoid radar (Canadian UAV) and data analytics (AERIUM Analytics).

ENSURING SAFETY - Airworthiness audits and standardized testing to facilitate operating approvals

We have worked ahead to develop and validate the means of demonstrating compliance in preparation for the degree of rigour that will be required of higher risk RPAS operations. With more than 100 Special Flight Operations Certificates approved, BVLOS InC has invested significant effort in understanding how to address the rigour of the Operational Risk Assessment required of a BVLOS submission.

Significant portions of RPAS airworthiness needs to be proven with technical and operational testing that must be verified by a qualified 3rd Party. Further, the RPAS organization must be well organized and adopt a culture of learning and air safety. An airworthiness paradigm fully addresses the requirements and reviews the entirety of an organization to ensure the system is:

and that its operations are

BUILDING TRUST - Conduct evidence-based advocacy to address stakeholders’ concerns.

Global aviation Regulators (such as Transport Canada) have confirmed that Operational Risk Assessments provide a valid way for RPAS BVLOS safety cases to be approved in advance of final regulations and standards. BVLOS InC considers this to be a privilege that is to be well managed and to ensure our collective actions contribute toward safe RPAS integration. A significant accident or oversight can dramatically slow our progress.

We are committed to all efforts that define regulations, standards, and best safety practices. Our advocacy efforts serve to bring awareness, educate, and promote dialogue on key issues for resolution; all to aid the RPAS sector in moving forward.

BVLOS InC leadership members are active participants in key RPAS sector committees:

News Releases & Media

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, the Test Range remains available for use by any organization as has always been the case. Usage includes access to the Restricted airspace and facilities as coordinated by contacting the Foremost Range Operations Manager/Range Safety Officer directly: see www.foremostuasrange.ca

UxS Consulting is contracted by the Village of Foremost to operate their Test Range and have always offered technical and operational advice and guidance as part of that usage.

BVLOS InC captures the UxS Consulting/Test Range partnership to better serve the RPAS sector needs. If requested, BVLOS InC RPAS expertise is available to help organizations achieve their BVLOS aspirations.

BVLOS InC exists to help organizations achieve their BVLOS aspirations, we are not your competitors. We do not build/sell or operate RPAS commercially. Our activities follow the three-pillar mandate that were designed to increase the chances of your RPAS applications becoming viable. While we have many RPAS, we only fly to validate our own instrumentation, identify challenges, or better support your trials i.e. RFI scans, radar presentations, imagery etc.

Our work with you is held in confidence and we prefer to work under bilateral Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to ensure that sensitive material is protected appropriately. These NDAs are often the first order of business when you contact us.

If we are aware of a connection or information that may be of help to you, we will seek mutual permission before remaking those connections. Similarly, to the extent that you endorse, we would like to promote you and your successes, and insights. Surveys may be provided to gather feedback and where possible, solicit your approval to promote your efforts in picture and written form.

We do report publicly on the number of test days, number of organizations, sector affiliations etc. in a non-attributable manner.

Whether you want to get involved in a project or want us to help you gain your BVLOS approval, we generally start with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that we can have the right conversations.

For projects, that intention is to help define how your idea or challenge might be addressed or how it might be included in a funding proposal. Conversely, we are interested in a dialogue about how your organizational capabilities might become part of how we deliver one of our own projects.

For advancing your BVLOS approvals, we work as your Agents in dealing with Transport Canada inspectors. An Agency agreement allow us to talk directly to Transport Canada about your specific submission to uncover the way ahead and collaborate on solutions to any concerns or data requirements. With a way forward, we work closely with clients to develop all required documentation and evidence to prove our safety case.

You don’t. You can complete and submit an ORA on you own. It is our experience that as your proposed mission risk increases, that fulsome submissions require an increasing degree of expertise, well organized documentation, and the ability to conduct engineering analysis and policy reviews. Depending on the nature of your organization, this may be prudent to do in house.

BVLOS InC experience helps you navigate through the complexity of the ORA’s safety objectives, what qualifies as a means of compliance and the types of mitigations that may apply. We can develop flights test to address the evidence gaps as required on any/all claims made and at higher level of risk, provide 3rd party validation as required.

The modernized falcon image was chosen for several reasons. The first is as a tribute to the Foremost Test Range logo which reminds us of the Test Range’s importance to the BVLOS InC offering. Secondly, falcons represent exceptional capabilities as powerful flyers (320 km/hr) with amazing maneuverability, and have exceptional eyesight (2.6x human sight). Lastly, the sport of falconry mimics how BVLOS RPAS function; guided by their handler’s instruction, they travel long distance to complete a task and return home once done.

The arc behind the falcon serves as both a horizon line depicting the extent of BVLOS range and that our pursuit has global impact.

The name BVLOS InC, is a shortened version of BVLOS Innovation Centre. The intentional stylized lettering and coloring rightly indicates that there is more to the name than the commonly used Inc. which signifies an incorporated entity. One introduced with its full name in print or verbally, often we use BVLOS InC or Centre to refer to ourselves.

The tagline describes our threefold mission in helping the RPAS sector advance. See the mission section of this page for more.

BVLOS InC logo with tagline large | BVLOS InC.

Flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight or BVLOS is the standard phrase for RPAS flights that extend beyond the ability for a pilot to take control based on visual clues of its orientation. BVLOS also implies increased air and ground risk associated with the complexities of an operating intention in non-segregated airspace, around populated areas, and some specific characteristics of the RPAS.

Innovation is simply, a good idea that is applied. We seek solutions for BVLOS challenges that can be applied to help operators achieve the economic multiplier, the efficiency, and safety promised by BVLOS. A solution can be anything; a procedure, a technology, a policy, or a process.

We chose to use Centre to indicate a collection point for all activity related to our threefold mission of advancing capability, ensuring safety and building trust.