Ensuring Safety

Airworthiness audits and standardized testing to facilitate operating approvals.
Ensuring Safety art

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We have worked ahead to develop and validate the means of demonstrating compliance in preparation for the degree of rigour that will be required of higher risk RPAS operations. With more than 100 Special Flight Operations Certificates approved, BVLOS InC has invested significant effort in understanding how to address the rigour of the Operational Risk Assessment required of a BVLOS submission.

Significant portions of RPAS airworthiness needs to be proven with technical and operational testing that must be verified by a qualified 3rd Party. Further, the RPAS organization must be well organized and adopt a culture of learning and air safety. An airworthiness paradigm fully addresses the requirements and reviews the entirety of an organization to ensure the system is:

  • designed with engineering rigor
  • constructed using verifiable processes and materials
  • maintained in a predictable manner
  • operated within designated limitations
  • that its operations are conducted by trained, certified and approved, competent individuals who are acting as members of an approved organization, and whose standards of work are verifiable and accepted by the regulating body
  • keep records for compliance and audit purposes

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