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Standardized testing to facilitate operating approvals

Our services help RPAS organizations understand and meet the air and ground safety requirements for BVLOS.

Qualified 3rd party review

Significant portions of RPAS airworthiness needs to be proven with technical and operational testing. BVLOS InC Provides flight testing expertise, advice and the third-party review required to develop operational safety cases for approval by Regulators.

Audit gaps in technical, operational, and regulatory compliance

We participate in industry enabling activities to define standards and regulations and are able to remedy potential pitfalls for an RPAS operator.

Assist in the transition from Visual Line of Sight operations (VLOS) to flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

The transition to BVLOS is no longer an aspiration but rather an imperative that allows organizations to take advantage of the significant opportunities of an RPAS sector economy.

More than 100 VLOS Special Flight Operations Certificates approved

More recently, BVLOS InC has invested significant effort in understanding how to address the rigour of the Operational Risk Assessment required of a BVLOS submission.

Match industry capabilities with potential funding

Based on our experience in RPAS technologies and a solid understanding of the evolving regulatory trends, BVLOS InC maintains a curated list of relevant projects and initiatives that would benefit the RPAS industry’s adoption and growth.

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