Beyond Visual Line of Sight Innovation Centre (BVLOS InC) Industry Advisory Group


The BVLOS Innovation Centre (BVLOS InC) announces the members of its Industry Advisory Group.  These executives fulfill various roles as ambassadors/mentors/connectors, to enhance and expand the Centre’s contribution to RPAS adoption and growth.  Their combined experience influences the strategic impact of projects and initiatives which are addressing difficult adoption challenges facing the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)  and the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sub-sectors.  Their bios can be found here.

The BVLOS Innovation Centre is currently focused on: 

  • the transition of the current RPAS sector to routine Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, and
  • the RPAS impact on the evolution of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) for the future delivery of packages and people. 

BVLOS is no longer an aspiration, but rather an organizational imperative that will allow organizations to seize the significant opportunities offered by an RPAS sector economy – one driven by increased efficiencies (tasks completed faster, better, and more accurately), safety (removal of people from tedious and hazardous conditions) and increased effectiveness of service delivery (data and goods).

“The BVLOS Innovation Centre is focussed on raising awareness of the benefits of RPAS in the Canadian economy, and the underlying need to ensure safety through airworthiness principles and practices. For the RPAS sector to fully integrate BVLOS drone operations into the domestic airspace, the right technologies processes, and products must be developed and proven safe. The expertise of our Industry Advisors brings tremendous insight in ensuring the effectiveness of our contributions in enabling that vision”. Doug Hanna, Founder and CEO of the BVLOS Innovation Centre.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact:

Doug Hanna 801.850.8500


About: BVLOS Innovation Centre (BVLOS InC) formalizes the long-standing relationship between the Foremost UAS Test Range and the technical, operational, and regulatory compliance expertise of UxS Consulting Limited. The partnership creates a cohesive set of capabilities to enable RPAS organizations achieve their BVLOS aspirations.