Applied Innovation to Transition from VLOS to BVLOS Operations

RPAS pilot controls

The transition from VLOS to BVLOS is complex and detailed. It’s not simply a matter of flying further, there are many additional considerations and requirements to satisfy. To receive a BVLOS approval (SFOC in Transport Canada or Waiver from the FAA), the RPAS operator must demonstrate the following:

  1. the capability and ongoing readiness of its RPAS equipment,
  2. the completeness of its procedures,
  3. the training and proficiency of the operational crew, and
  4. a comprehensive analysis of the air and ground safety

for the intended Concept of Operations (ConOps) before the Regulatory body can assess your readiness to conduct the operation. The need to prove safety across all elements of the organization is a constant regardless of the state of regulation in your region or country.

To help you make the transition, the BVLOS Innovation Centre breaks the process into defined steps that guide you through the process of preparing your organization for the transition and helps you achieve that game changing BVLOS approval.

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Awareness: What are the Regulators expectations for getting a BVLOS approval?

  • We ensure that you have a complete awareness of what will be required and the investments to be made. The decision to proceed implies a firm commitment from the RPAS operator to resources, policy, and governance.

Assessment: What is my organization’s readiness to provide evidence to satisfy each of those expectations?

  • We perform an exhaustive review of your readiness for BVLOS operations by auditing the airworthiness of the entire organization with emphasis on technical and operational airworthiness. This process identifies any gaps in the evidence required to safely conduct the proposed ConOps.

Amelioration: How do I resolve any gaps and how do I validate when I have them resolved?

  • We guide you through the process of gathering the evidence to complete the safety case that is submitted for approval.

Advancement: What is the collective feedback from my stakeholders now that I have done my preparation?

  • The final phase of the transition to BVLOS exposes the detailed safety case for the ConOps to the Regulating bodies (Transport Canada and NAV Canada if required, or the FAA, EASA etc. elsewhere) to gain SFOC approval. The Regulator will often approve the SFOC with defined limitations specifying how the ConOps is to be conducted. Any such limitations provide insight on the need to re-invest in R&D and or pursue additional capabilities for future approvals.

About: BVLOS Innovation Centre (BVLOS InC) formalizes the long-standing relationship between the Foremost UAS Test Range and the technical, operational, and regulatory compliance expertise of UxS Consulting Limited. The partnership creates a cohesive set of capabilities to enable RPAS organizations achieve their BVLOS aspirations.

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