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Advancing Capability: Innovative BVLOS Enabling Projects to Address RPAS Sector Needs

In other BVLOS Innovation Centre articles, the three interrelated pillars of our mission were explained (here) and how they are advancing the BVLOS sector (here). The first of those pillars which starts the innovation cycle is Advancing Capability. We have already completed numerous projects and have several others ongoing that are designed to reduce barriers to BVLOS adoption and to benefit the RPAS sector in achieving the goal of safely integrating RPAS operations into non-segregated airspace. Once an approved safety case exists, BVLOS offers significant advantages for operating efficiency and effectiveness. Even use cases that have operational limits imposed by the Regulatory are offering significant insights on how to move the sector forward.

Advancing capability is achieved through projects that combine RPAS sector needs with sufficient resources to move the yardstick forward. Where possible, we like to highlight the contributions of others. The following are a few examples of BVLOS Innovation Centre projects that have advanced capability and contribute to ensuring safety with specific output that serves as tangible evidence for building trust in the ecosystem.

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PrairesCAN (formerly Western Economic Development) – Development of an Operational Flight Test Matrix.

Under contact to the Foremost UAS Test Range, the BVLOS Innovation Centre has developed a standardized set of flight tests that mature operational procedures for normal, and emergency conditions develop evidence of operator capability required for BVLOS approvals. This test matrix allows the BVLOS Innovation Centre to serve as a 3rd Party Reviews for medium and high risk BVLOS.

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Government of Alberta Community and Rural Economic Support (CARES) – Evaluation of Detect and Avoid Technologies.

Under contract to the Foremost UAS Test Range, the BVLOS Innovation Centre has evaluated onboard, and ground-based Detect and Avoid (DAA) technologies to build our understanding about their functionality and robustness when used in BVLOS applications.

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Arcfield Canada (formerly Peraton Canada) - RPAS-specific, Risk-based Airworthiness Program.

As part of Project SkySensus, the BVLOS Innovation Centre is delivering a comprehensive mechanism to guide an RPAS organization toward the evidence required for BVLOS approvals for all sizes of RPAS and all risk levels. Initial work has focused on the development and validation of the <25 kg category of RPAS through low, medium, and high-risk levels.

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Transport Canada/NAV Canada - RPAS Traffic Management (RTM) trials.

Arcfield’s Project SkySensus partnered with Unifly was selected to conduct RTM trials in a series of operational airspace from preparatory testing in Class F, thru to Class E/G and C as the capability I as matured. This team has an operational focus to its trial, providing insight on how operators would use and react to RTM services. Leveraging its work in airworthiness, the BVLOS Innovation Centre provides trials leadership including the development of the 3rd Party Review of safety cases required for each class of airspace.

Private Projects.

Many of our past or current activities are not publicly disclosed due to their propriety nature. We routinely work under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to ensure that proprietary information remains confidential and that competitive advantages are not disclosed to others.

Where confidentiality in not an issue, the outcomes of each completed or ongoing project serve to raise the awareness of all stakeholders regarding:

    • the types of evidence required for BVLOS approvals,
    • the current technological state of the art, and
    • its trajectory to adoption.

We call this BVLOS IQ, and we openly share what we understand about BVLOS with our clients and partners. Our goal is to build sustainability in the sector and to champion widespread adoption of RPAS technologies.

A key part of our implementation of this pillar is the assembly of project ideas with the right resources of people, time, and funding. We maintain a carefully curated list of projects that will serve to benefit the sector as a whole, and we are continually seeking organizations that can help us with delivery or funding. If you have a unique capability that you feel may be a good fit or if you want to understand how RPAS BVLOS operations will benefit your organization, we would be happy to engage with you. Drop us a line at and we can connect.

About: BVLOS Innovation Centre (BVLOS InC) formalizes the long-standing relationship between the Foremost UAS Test Range and the technical, operational, and regulatory compliance expertise of UxS Consulting Limited. The partnership creates a cohesive set of capabilities to enable RPAS organizations achieve their BVLOS aspirations.