Launch of the Beyond Visual Line of Sight Innovation Centre (BVLOS InC)


The Foremost UAS Test Range and UxS Consulting Limited have re-affirmed their long-standing relationship with a new organizational construct to better serve the drone or Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) sector’s transition to Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) operations. The inception of the BVLOS Innovation Centre (BVLOS InC) combines the Test Range’s airspace and facilities with key UxS technical, operational, and regulatory compliance expertise. The renewed partnership focusses on the promotion of a cohesive set of capabilities to advance the RPAS ecosystem.

The transition from VLOS to BVLOS is no longer an aspiration but rather an organizational imperative that will allow organizations to seize the significant opportunities offered by an RPAS sector economy – one driven by increased efficiencies (tasks completed faster, better, and more accurately), safety (removal of people from tedious and hazardous conditions) and increased effectiveness of service delivery (data and goods).

Doug Hanna, Founder/CEO of UxS and General Manager of the Foremost UAS Test Range, will continue to lead the rebranded organization.

“The rebranding to BVLOS InC clearly describes the activities that are required of the RPAS sector to fully integrate BVLOS drone operations into the domestic airspace. The right technologies must be developed, then proven safe before their adoption can be fully supported. That is the message we are promoting.” – Doug Hanna.

Those activities are captured in the BVLOS InC tagline of Advancing Capability, Ensuring Safety, and Building Trust:

      • Advancing Capability aligns innovative BVLOS enabling projects with potential funding mechanisms.
      • Ensuring Safety is accomplished through RPAS testing required for safety case approvals.
      • Building Trust involves evidence-based advocacy to address stakeholder concerns.

The Village of Foremost and the Governance Board that oversees the Test Range operations could not be happier with this new entity, explained Foremost Mayor Lorne Buis. “When the Test Range was established in 2016, we always envisaged its importance in helping organizations achieve BVLOS. UxS has been stalwart in its management of the Test Range and connecting it to the right opportunities. Together, we have undertaken a number of projects that have developed key capabilities and continually reinvested resources knowing that the RPAS sector would emerge; that time has come.”

BVLOS InC logo with tagline

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